A brief history of our Group.

Initially founded under the banner of "The Methodist Players" in 1963, the group changed its name some time later to "The Community Players" as it was felt that "The Methodist Players" might restrict some individuals from joining.  We have remained "The Community Players" ever since.

The Group originally comprised some dozen or so enthusiastic thespians and our premier production, in 1964, was "Here We Come Gathering", chosen simply because we could cast it and the set was minimalist (an empty cottage).  One enduring memory of this production was when, at one point, a tramp is frying bacon on-stage - whilst we had the effects person frying REAL bacon off-stage and wafting the aroma into the audience.  This worked perfectly - except that the aroma reached the audience half an hour AFTER the bacon-frying scene.  When the audience were on their way out in fact!

We went up-market and ambitious for our second production, "The Diary of Anne Frank" and went overboard with the set - having four rooms on-stage all visible at the same time. 

Since these early beginnings, we have presented a wide variety of plays from farce to the classics and have tried to cater for every taste.  The Group has a faithful group of Patrons (approximately 50 in all) who support us for all our productions and social activities (Quiz Nights, Murder Mystery evenings etc.).  From a very small Church Hall seating about 80 at a time, we have progressed to a Community Centre in the heart of New Eltham, London, SE9 where a "full house" (some 220 people) is frequently achieved.  After 49 years, we look forward to reaching our half-century with many more exciting productions.